Advanced Microwave,
Up/Down Converters / BUC Converters
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Model/Series Description
MA302X Mixer/amp up or down converter with a wide-band IF frequency.
MA3X5X Single side band modulator.
TX22UUUC Universal C, X, & KU band up converter.
RX22UUDC Universal C, X, & KU band down converter.
KTX32UUUC Universal Ka, & K band up converter.
KRX32UUDC Universal Ka, & K band down converter.
TX4xxxxS Block Up Converter (BUC), Fixed Synthesizer
TX5xxxxS Block Up Converter (BUC), Programmable Synthesizer
RX4xxxxS Block Down Converter (BDC), Fixed Sythesizer
RX5xxxxS Block Down Converter (BDC), Programmable Sythesizer
CCNWS0218AR 2-18 Ghz Microwave Tuner/Receiver
CCNWS0218AT 2-18 Ghz Microwave Transmitter/Up Converter
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